Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week 10/11

Well apparently that is me all done - everything completed if not entirely understood.

I found the whole experience informative and even if not strictly relevant to my day to day role at Cass it has at least made me aware of the possibilities out there. I did have to recind my vow never ever ever to join Twitter for the purpose of knowledge, but my view still hasn't changed  - the majorioty of the tweets are just waffle from people with too much time on their hands! I'm sure that many people will contradict this view but it just isn't for me - although I can grudgingy see the benefits of instant access/update that Twitter can provide.

The scope of what is available out there to enhance your web presence is outstanding especially as much of it is entirely free of charge (got to love a bargain). I would imagine that as long as we continue to put the user first and adapt to their wants/expectations for information then Web 2.0 is a marvellous thing that offers variety and vibrancy to what can otherwise be fairly bland detail.

The end.....

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Week 9 - Google and beyond

Well as I'm on a desperate hunt to organise a family holiday I've used our assignment to see whether different search engines provide any new results - the answer is no. Now this may be because a holiday is fairly generic - there are a limited number of companies that offer self-catering accommodation. However, AskJeeves did have some interesting asides in its 'Popular Q&A' section, which although not strictly helpful to my search did provide some pause for thought.

After using metacrawler I felt that the search results returned were actually less relevant and for my holiday search had actually listed irrelevant items and more 'sponsered' links.

Now to see how famous I am!!! After searching for my name I discovered that Metacrawler and Dogpile returned very similiar results -, facebook, linkedin etc. However, Zuula returned more results that were less relevant - i.e. had the words Helen and Precious but not linked as a name, which would clearly returned a wider breadth of 'or' results. Google for ease and comfort would probably still be my favourite - just familiarity!

Love the Let me google that link - although not sure how great it would be from a customer service stand point!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Week 8 - Multimedia

So the wonders of YouTube eh!

The library videos are entertaining and in particular the first video from Sydney is informative and clear without trying to be too gimmicky, you definitely come away with an idea of how to search effectively. I'd imagine that some students might find the Dalek one confusing as it mixes Dewey information with trying to be jokey about what subjects the Daleks deem necessary.

I think the duration of the clips is important - probably not more than 5 minutes would hold your attention without drifting off and thinking about lunch, your next task etc. This is sooooooo dull, the narrator put me to sleep and I tuned out before reaching the end - does she also do the plane safety briefings?

I have come to the conclusion that music plays a vital role in the tutorials available online and where possible don't use real people as many seem to personify the 'librarian stereotype'.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


So here goes an online note using Evernote to add to my blog page and get a pat on the back.

As a luddite with no smart phone/ipad or similar I will have to settle for using the good old fashion desktop pc.

So let's see if I can work it out......

Week 7 - cont

So having a look at Delicious now.

Again I can see the benefit of having all your links in onw place but I imagine that it must take some maintenance - already some of the links supplied by the 23 Things City blog are broken and unable to retrieve the intended resources.

However, after having a quick explore I've found the following which seems like a good original resource for locating information for childrens' learning on line.
A good resource for accessing free e books.

As discovered on many of the other social networking sites, there is an overiding dominance of American sites.

Week 7 - Sharing

Well it seems that I'm not very good at sharing!!!!

I have no presentations to my name so can't upload one to the Slideshare site. However, it does seem like a good site to encourage people to explore the types/topics of presentations undertaken by others in their field. I found it really straightforward to navigate and explore......unlike MyPBWorks.

I've spent too much of my time today tryign to solve how to add my blog to the 'Workspace - 23Things Blog'. Logging on was fine and identifing the workspace was easy but all I have succeeded in doing is adding my blog as a comment to the bottom of the other posts - maybe some can suggest what I should be doing? Actually by the power of persistance I think I've solved it - press EDIT, obviously

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Week 6 - Prezi

Well Prezi seems very impressive and I would imagine would hold the interest of an audience more than a 'boring' Powerpoint presentation. As mentioned elsewhere I think that adding too many 'bells and whistles' might prove to be a negative aspect of Prezi's abilities and we'd need to rein in our enthusiasm. I managed a lovely presentation regarding my daughters christmas presents - those already purchased and any remaining ideas, complete with shiny pictures from the internet.